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Justin Timberlake Drops Merch That’s Inspired by Every Song on His Album

Justin Timberlake got pretty creative when it came to releasing his new merchandise for his Man of The Woods album. Each item included in his merch collection is inspired by a song on his album. What justin has done is very unique and different than anything we’ve seen any other artist do with their merchandise. The clothing line includes everything from Levi Jackets and flannels inspired by songs “Montana,” “Flannel,” and “Hers,” to “Sauce” flasks and “Higher Higher” inspired Air Jordans.


It’s obvious that Justin and his team put a lot of hard work and thinking into picking the right items that describe each track on the album, and it’s really awesome how there’s such a wide variety of items from various well-known brands like Levi and Jordan. Justin has been advertising the merchandise on his social media pages as well as the launch of a pop-up shop in New York where all this merchandise could be purchased. (Note: The pop-up shop has since closed).


We can only hope that Justin decides to have more pop-up shops in even more cities in the near  future, and we’re hoping he’ll also have all of this unique merchandise available on his upcoming tour, which starts next month! Be sure to comment below or tweet us @soundigest with which items of merch are your favorite!


featured image: Instagram (@JustinTimberlake)

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