Mona's Kiss Like a Woman Music Video

MONA Releases Powerful and Inclusive Music Video for “Kiss Like a Woman”

Mona just dropped their music video for the song “Kiss Like A Woman” on February 13th, and the first thing that came to mind was how artsy it was! Not to mention, it was PERFECT for Valentine’s Day! But, along with its artsiness and timeliness, viewers will definitely feel the need to get up and dance.

MONA – “Kiss Like A Woman” OUT NOW !!! On @spotify & @applemusic #KLAW

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In the beginning of the music video, we’re shown three different people leading three very different lives. And while you think you know what’s going to happen, you’ll soon be surprised with a happily ever after ending that you may not have seen coming. 

While watching, we begin to see that the main focus is on a few different couples who are in varying age groups, all having different experiences. On that note, what we also love about the video is how inclusive it is when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community because it succeeds in showing more than just the typical boy-girl, cookie cutter version of love. This kind of representation has been necessary in music videos for far too long, and it is nice to see that younger generations in the community will get to see their feelings normalized in MONA’s new video.

Other aspects of the music video that we particularly enjoyed were the wardrobe designs and the lighting schemes. The outfits that the female couple wore gave off very alternative vibes, and TBH, we kinda want their clothes! Along with the cool wardrobe, the lighting gave off a very edgy vibe, which helped to make the music video edgier in general.

Of course, you can probably tell we loved the video, but it’s also because we’re obsessed with the song. If you’re looking for an upbeat song that just makes you want to dance, don’t hesitate when it comes to adding this song to each and every one of your playlists. Trust us… you won’t regret it!

P.S. check out the video HERE:

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