It’s Pisces Season, Baby!

Lauren La Bella (@laurenlabellastudio)

Welcome to Pisces season, also known as the season that brought us some of our favorite artists of all time: Rihanna, George Harrison, Justin Bieber (and Bon Iver gets a shout out for his Pisces moon, of course). Pisces season is also known to be the season of dreams and healing. Spring is on the horizon, and there are natural reminders of beauty all around us.

If the last few weeks felt like an endless whirlwind of tough decisions, heightened emotions or even just “the end” or “the beginning” of something, you weren’t alone. That was the season of Aquarius, making an incredibly dramatic exit, but the good news is that the season of healing is upon us. And so, we may enter Pisces season feeling a bit emotional, but with a newfound sense of rationale. Perhaps we have felt a shift in our careers, living situations, romantic or social lives. Perhaps we can visualize our goals now with more focus, and know the means by which to achieve them. Perhaps we are in love.

Pisces are known for their dreaminess and endless, watery depth. We are encouraged to follow our intuition throughout the next month. Turn inwards. Write. Meditate. Listen to “Moon River” often. Maybe even keep a dream journal for the next month, for it is said that all dreams during this season are especially reflective of our truest desires. If Aquarius season revolved around growth for you, well, we know that can be painful. So ask yourself, what does healing mean to you? Will you choose fear or love this season?

Our Pisces season playlist features the dreamiest new releases from Frank Ocean, Beach House, Porches, Kali Uchis and more. This is a notoriously emotional sign so we apologize in advance.

Featured Image: Lauren La Bella (Instagram/@laurenlabellastudio)

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