Troy Grant Interview

An Interview with 19-Year-Old Self-Taught Musician, Trøy Grant

Introducing Trøy Grant, a self-taught, 19 year old musician. Diving into the pop culture world, he might just be a little taste of what we’ve needed all of these years. Luckily, we had the opportunity to learn about what it’s like to be a musician among athletes, as well as his goals for the near future. Check out our interview here:

When did you realize that music is what you wanted to pursue as a career?

Honestly, I was always moved by music. It always was my way of assuring myself that even in the worst times, everything was gonna be alright. So, I wanted to make something that made people feel that same way. So, I decided to dedicate my music and my life to making others happy.

Do you feel that being the only musician in your family is an advantage?

Definitely, mainly because nobody can be jealous of me because they don’t want the same things I do. We can all support each other because everyone is in their own lane. Like most of my siblings are doing sports, but different sports. We’re all able to be happy for each other and respect each other’s paths.

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What is your songwriting process like and how long does it take you to develop song concepts?

My songwriting process is in a word, “unorthodox” I don’t really hit my deadlines a lot haha. Honestly, I don’t like rushing my process so I’ll like catching myself writing music on the way to studio sessions. But my best songs have been written in a couple minutes or so at most. Once it all comes to me I’ll be like 4 songs deep with no stopping in sight.

What instruments can you play?

I currently only play Guitar. Mostly Acoustic Guitar but I’ll throw in the occasional Electric Guitar to make myself feel cool.

Do you have any dream collaborations or anyone you’d like to songwrite with?

I would give anything to write with Ed Sheeran. I aspire to be able to write like that. He’s amazing and one of my top 5 Artists right now.

What inspires you the most about Bruno Mars?

The man is just an entertainer. The best in the game in my opinion. He just has this captivating way of moving up and down the stage and he always makes it his number one goal that nobody leaves unsatisfied. He likes to let the music speak for him, and that’s just amazing to me!

What are your overall goals for 2018?

My goals for 2018 is just to release a good chunk of music and write and collaborate with other artists. I just want to be on the go and busy at all times. Doing what I love. Money would be great but it’s not my focus, I just want to put a smile on the face of every person I meet. Also, I’d love to hop on someone’s tour this year. I crave touring so bad it’s unreal haha.

SXSW…you’re next.

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How do you feel that you’ve grown since initially writing Life when you were in 8th grade?

I’ve experienced more. Life itself honestly tells me a story and I get to put those stories to music. And as long as I’m living and experiencing more and more things. I’m always going to have a story to tell!

What can we expect next from you?

More music, more shows, more Trøy. A lot of people are going to see who I am this year through the stories I have for y’all! I’m releasing an EP sometime this year. No official date yet. But if you follow me on any social media @TroyGOfficial people will be able to keep up with me there!! I’m extremely excited!!

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