Eminem Escapes An Insane Asylum in the Music Video for “Framed”

On April 3rd, Eminem finally released the music video for his newest single “Framed” after teasing that it was on the way for several days.

Eminem has always been very vocal and somewhat violent with his music, and it appears that he has channeled his old style for this song and its video counterpart. In this music video, Eminem is back as an escapee from an insane asylum as he eerily raps about stalking Christie Brinkley and President Trump‘s daughter, Ivanka Trump. The video follows the multiple personalities of Eminem, Slim Shady, and Marshall Mathers, to name a few.  He shares the ways to properly murder someone while professing his innocence and insisting that he was framed from the start of the video.

The music video begins with a news reporter named Stan Dresden reporting on Marshall Mathers’ escape from an asylum. Police and news reporters have the house he’s in surrounded. Eventually, a detective goes inside and tries to reason with Slim. The video shows several gore-filled scenes of fingers on pianos, blood splattered living room walls, and severed limbs. The music video-turned-horror film is not for those with a weak stomach, or those who can’t handle the sight of blood.

The video ends with Slim being wheeled away in the wheelchair of the asylum he had previously escaped.

“Framed” is the latest single from Eminem’s Revival album, which was released back in November of 2017. It came on the heels of the visuals for the song “River” featuring Ed Sheeran, and “Walk on Water” with Beyonce.

Currently, the rapper is preparing for his Coachella performances and his summer festival tour, and to be honest, we can’t wait. Eminem has been a relevant artist for so long, and it’s so interesting to continue to watch him evolve.

Watch the gore-filled music video for “Framed” HERE:

Featured Image: YouTube (EminemVEVO)