Janelle Monáe and Grimes Team Up on “PYNK” Song and Video

“PYNK” is the newest song about female empowerment. With main vocals by Janelle Monáe and harmonies of backing vocals by Grimes, it is safe to say that there is a plethora of emotions to take in while listening. Monáe is most definitely a versatile addition to the music industry. Her creative and constructive process seeps with its own individuality throughout each song and video she shares with the world.

“PYNK” is a super-divine feminine celebration of creation, self-love, and queer sexuality. The song itself tells a story of most everyday life encounters that intertwine with the color pink, accompanied by a freeing adventure filled with young women letting loose. “We got the pynk” – an unforgettable mantra supported by Monáe’s graceful vocals that floats with the melody.


The visuals in the music video really pop with an aesthetically pleasing flavor. Monáe embraces and gives appreciation to God-given features by flaunting specially designed Bowie-style wide-brimmed trousers that were created to resemble the female reproductive system. With no two pairs of trousers looking alike, she wanted to emphasize the different forms that bodies take and how much of an ethereal feeling it is to be yourself. What is significant about the message she conveys though, is the fact that two of her supporting dancers did not have on pants at all. For those who identify as female, this form of representation is a very monumental moment in music history.

“PYNK” is a queer anthem that takes a healthy step in the right direction for the LGBTQ+ community. The track is available now on all streaming platforms.


Featured Image: YouTube (Janelle Monáe)

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