Bella Thorne Launches Record Label

Bella Thorne Launches Record Label Filthy Fangs at Coachella

You may recognize her as CeCe Jones from Disney’s Shake It Up or as Madison from The DUFF, but singer, actress, and recent entreprenuer Bella Thorne just launched her very own electronic record label, Filthy Fangs.

The eccentric 20-year-old redhead unveiled the label’s inception in Palm Springs during weekend one of Coachella’s satellite-party madness. The affair was nothing short of what one would expect from Thorne, including a glitter bar from Mermaids (is there such a thing as too much glitter?), Manic Panic braid and hair color stations (uhm, yes please), a photo booth (Thorne even Instagrammed some fans’ photo booth pictures), free facials from Wave Plastic Surgery, a giant ball pit (oh, the nostalgia), giant Sugarbear gummy bears, and more!


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The spring break-esque party was decked out with interactive paintings for the fans and electrifying performances by Filthy Fangs family members and close friends Com3t MusicMaster of the PeopleMod SunSay My NameAlvin RiskBlake WebberCarter CruisePenny WildWedzndayHYTYD, and a very special performance by the Bella Thorne.

The very first Filthy Fangs single was officially debuted to top the night by the label’s very own founder, titled “Bitch I’m Bella Thorne.” The forthcoming single is set to drop really soon and, honestly, we can’t wait.

Under the same Filthy Fangs name, Thorne is also selling clothing, stickers, mugs, and lighters, amongst other merchandise here. There are even options to customize some of the apparel, with three different tiers:

Fancy – Custom artsy touches by Bella Thorne and Dani Thorne.
Filthy – Additional embellishments & artsy touches added to your filthy Merch.
Almost all the apparel is black with neon graphics, which gives off some serious rave-vibes, coinciding with the electronic record label’s mission. Our favorite may be the Filthy Fangs Lips Hoodie, but it’s so hard to choose just one.

Dem girls

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Interested in staying up-to-date on all things Filthy Fangs? The company can be found on Instagram @ffrecords!

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