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From giving us hits like “Ohio Is for Lovers” and “Niki FM” to touring the world numerous times and now releasing their sixth studio album, Bad Frequencies, Hawthorne Heights has been extremely busy since their start in 2001. The last 17 years have seem to be rather bumpy for the band, as there were many lineup changes and record label changes, but they recently made Pure Noise Records their new home and things are smooth sailing. This week, we got to chat with JT Woodruff, Hawthorne Heights’ lead vocalist, about the move to Pure Noise, Bad Frequencies and touring. After reading the interview, be sure to check out Bad Frequencies on all platforms and catch Hawthorne Heights on the road!

Hey JT! Thanks for chatting with us. Bad Frequencies, your sixth studio album and your first with Pure Noise Records, comes out on April 27. How has this whole experience been? Was it nerve-wracking at first starting over on a new label?
No, it wasn’t nerve-wracking, it was liberating. We were used to doing everything ourselves, and we only have a certain level of expertise. So we wanted someone else fighting for us, and working with us in our corner. Pure Noise seemed perfect for that. Great roster. Great people. 


Is there anything you want the fans to take away from Bad Frequencies?
I truly hope that when people listen to BF, it takes them to a different place. I hope that it helps them realize that you don’t have to grow older, you can stay young forever. The album is designed to be a summer road trip album, that takes place at the end of the your favorite summer. Now that it’s over, the album will help guide you through those great times you had, and all the mistakes you made along the way. 

What were the recording and writing processes like this time around?
The writing process was long and winding, due to all the touring in 2017. We had one goal, to write until we thought we were ready. We bumped our studio dates back a few times, so we could continue to capture our ideas. It actually only took us 10 days to track the whole album, because we were really prepared. We chose the coldest part of winter in Ohio to track the ultimate summer album. Equal parts happy and sad. Our quest and goal was to create something memorable, no matter where you are in your life. 


What’s your favorite song off of this album?
I have a lot of favorites because everything is so shiny and new. We tried to create as much diversity in song choice for BF as we could, so it makes for an interesting listen. Right now, I’m loving “Pink Hearts,” because it reminds me of blasting music in my car with my friends. My first car was an all white Dodge Daytona with tinted windows…so you could say that I was a little bit of a bad ass. I would love to hear Bad Frequenciesin that car haha. 


You’re currently touring throughout the USA to promote the new album. I know it only recently started but how’s the tour going so far?
Tour is great. It’s always going to be great if you have the right attitude. We are out with some great bands, which always makes it easier. Playing some of our favorite cities, and trying to start small, while building something. We are at the very beginning of the album cycle, and are ready to put in the miles it takes to see everyone we can. 

What’s up next after this tour? It doesn’t end until June, so I can imagine maybe resting for a bit would be ideal!
It actually ends in July, because it’s the longest tour ever. But we can’t talk about the end yet because we aren’t even close haha. After the tour we will have some time off to relax, and see where the record release progress is. We are currently settling our fall plans, and making a run at some cool things. Stay tuned. 


Anything else would like to add for your fans?
The only way to help a band move forward is to pick up a copy of their new album and go to see them live. It sounds simple, but when that stops happening, the music stops moving forward. If bands get stuck in slow motion, they break up. Help keep what you love lasting forever. Keep your head up. Stay positive. Move forward. 

All photos by Sarah Waxberg

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