Billie Eilish Drops Music Video with Khalid

Billie Eilish Drops “Lovely” Music Video with Khalid

Recently, Billie Eilish released a music video for her song “Lovely” with one of the hottest musicians in the industry right now, Khalid! From the beginning to the very end of this music video, we were completely captivated. The video gives off an eery and mysterious vibe, but was overall very interesting to watch.

Although it wasn’t an action-packed music video, our eyes were glued throughout to see what would happen next. In other words, it was definitely entertaining to watch. What stood out about this video is that both Eilish and Khalid were slowly walking around a dark room with cool tones. There were a lot of scenes that showed a variety of different effects like rain clouds, lightening, waves and more. Both of the singers were dressed in mostly all black and the mood was very serious. Ultimately, the message the viewer gets is that both artists are longing for something, and we can all relate to that in one way or another.

Aside from the video being absolutely incredible, the song itself is just as amazing! The lyrics and overall tone of the song is relaxed, leaving the listener with a soothing feeling. Both artist’s gave off a very mysterious and fragile tone within their voices in the song, which wound up translating really well when it came time to drop to video. TBH, this is definitely a song you would want on your “Rainy Day” playlist.

If you haven’t yet seen the video, watch it right HERE:

Featured Image: Instagram (@wherearetheavocados)

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