Charlie Puth Kehlani Done For Me Video

Charlie Puth and Kehlani Go Retro for “Done For Me” Music Video

Charlie Puth and Kehlani collaborate in their retro video for their collaboration, “Done For Me.” The single comes from Puth’s upcoming sophomore album, Voicenotes. Although it clocks at less than three minutes, the short video adds funky visuals to the pop song.

Set in an era of tons of neon lights and gold bed sheets, Puth opens the video with a girl at a disco bar. Cutting to scenes dancing around in an infinite mirror room, it’s clear the song is about someone not giving their all in a relationship. No plot is complete without a twist, however. We then see the girl showing interest in Kehlani immediately after. Kehlani looks stunning as always as she dances with this mystery girl.

The “Attention” singer sports some retro looks throughout the whole video. Who would’ve thought neon green shoes and a striped button down would look so good? Puth is known for his R&B style and this song shows maturity for the singer-songwriter. The setting is something we have seen before but matches the song’s vibe. The nostalgia-factor is the main focus. Between the heart shaped bathtub and use of palm tree leaves indoors, we want to party with Puth and Kehlani in the ’80s.

The collaboration is an ear worm just like all of Puth’s songs, and the video’s elements contribute to this. Kehlani embracing her sexuality was a fresh take as well, coming after the singer crashed Demi Lovato’s song “Lonely” during the Tell Me You Love Me Tour and kissed her mid-song. This summer, Puth will be touring with Hailee Steinfeld and Voicenotes will come out on May 11th. Check out the video HERE:

Featured Image: Instagram (@charlieputh)

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