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6 of the Best Covers by Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is already having quite the year. He recently released two singles ‘In My Blood’ and ‘Lost in Japan’, as well as hinted to a release of his third album. Shawn also just announced he’ll be playing New York City’s Governors Ball Music Festival.  While he’s been staying pretty busy, we can never get enough of him over here at Soundigest, so we rounded up our six favorite cover songs, performed by Shawn.  Between his BBC Live Lounge performances and his own Youtube channel, we’ve been blessed with a quite a few to choose from. Keep reading to see our favorites and if you have a favorite drop it in the comments below!

1. On a recent trip to the BBC Live Lounge, Shawn put his own twist on Post Malone’s Psycho’. Listen to Shawn slow it down on this track and swoon along with us.


2. On the same rap/rock line, Shawn also covered Drake’sFake Love’ at a previous trip to the BBC Live Lounge. He plays guitar for this track, but also proves his ability to drop a few bars.


3. Sticking to the Drake theme, Shawn performed a mashup of ‘One Dance/Marvin’s Room’ for Capitals Live Lounge. Again proving that his passion for music goes beyond his traditional singing.


4. Taking a look at a more alternative scene; this cover features baby Shawn performing The Neighborhood’s ‘Sweater Weather’. 


5. Back in the BBC Live Lounge, Shawn covered Alessia Cara’sHere’. Playing acoustic guitar, he really made this hit into his own. He claims to be a little out of breath during the recording but he still killed it.


6. If there is ever a One Direction reunion and somebody can’t make it, have no fear because Shawn can fill in! Here he covers the bands hit ‘Drag Me Down’ and proves he has what it takes to go from solo heartthrob to boy band member.


Do you have another favorite cover from Shawn? Let us know!


Featured Image: Twitter (@ShawnMendes)