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Get to Know Moxie Knox — New York’s Up-and-Coming R&B Powerhouse

Hailing from The Bronx, multi-talented singer and dancer Moxie Knox recently released her debut single and music video “Thorough,” preceding the anticipated release of her upcoming EP Motion. Motion is set to release this summer and will be the R&B songstress’ debut full project. Here, Moxie Knox opens up about the vulnerability and seductive tones of her newest single as well as what fans can expect from her upcoming EP and rest of the year.

Congrats on the release! What was the inspiration for the song “Thorough” and the music video?

Thank you so much! I wrote “Thorough” a few years back while I was thinking about the kind of love I’d want from my significant other, and how I’d reciprocate it when it is my time to settle down. When I think about true love in a relationship, I imagine it to be wholesome, fun, experimental and very, very sexy. That’s what I want, so, I put it in a song! [Laughing]

The video is three things:

1. a projection of the intimate moments that matter in relationships

2. a combination of my passions for dance, music, acting and directing

3. and, a genuine gift to myself for pushing through self-doubt

As your debut single, what were some challenges or things you learned during the process?

Getting to this stage has been a lifelong process for me. When I first started studying music theory in college, I’d sing to my peers snippets of songs I wrote, and they’d get really excited. I can’t count on all of my fingers and toes how many people asked me, “Why haven’t you uploaded any music yet?” or “What are you waiting for?” I’ve always been patient when it came to mastering my craft, and I’ve always had a pretty keen sense of my abilities, my strengths, and my qualities that needed fine tuning. In college, I knew that my music needed further development before it would be ready for the world’s ears. One of the challenges I faced, however, was blocking out all of the well-meaning comments from my peers who tried to rush my process simply because they didn’t know how much work goes into it. Now, some of those same people who’ve heard “Thorough,” and have watched the video, are saying “It was worth the wait!”

Another challenge I faced was learning to understand music in a technical way. I know it’s possible to pursue a music career without knowing how to read music, or knowing the difference between C and C sharp, but I’ve always wanted to supplement my innate creativity with even a basic sense of music theory. Learning the technical stuff actually increased my capacity to create, and to communicate more effectively with my producers and my engineers during studio sessions.

Moxie Knox
Moxie Knox // Photo by Antoine Bennett

How has your passion for dance influenced your music style and your music video?

I’m not sure that it influenced my music style, but I would definitely say it complements it. I enjoy dance, and I enjoy creating music, so, I just decided to bring those two of my passions together for this video in a way that would make people feel good while viewing, and, at the same time, communicate to people that love is more fulfilling when it’s thorough.

In what ways do you weave your love for dance and singing together?

This video [laughing]! I also perform with my dancers.

Your single includes a sample from Bootsy Collins; what R&B singers do you look up to?

Beyoncé is undeniably a powerhouse. Her work ethic inspires me so much.

Brandy’s voice is as refreshing a bottle of water from a waterfall in heaven. Her music resonated with me while I was growing up. I really love that she’s also an actress. Witnessing her talents as a little girl made me say to myself, “I can be be multitalented, too.”

My new favorite artist is Daniel Caesar, hands down. His voice, lyrics, and “Freudian,” album are buttery… Oh, so buttery.

Moxie Knox
Photo shot by Marc Nicer // Designed by Felicia Reid

Your EP is coming out this summer, what can fans expect?

They can expect some really fresh, dope vibes! I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with a handful of skilled musicians. My Motion EP is a representation of my most vulnerable thoughts and experiences. Some of the songs on the project will make you dance, and some might make you cry.

Are you planning any other music videos / visuals to go along with the EP?

Yep! I’ve already shot another video, and my team and I are working on more visuals.

Any singles dropping before the release?

Maybe! Haha. But I have some other goodies for you. I can’t talk about it just yet, though.

What else can fans expect from you in 2018?

I will perform for the first time at SOB’s on May 16th, and I’m pretty excited about that! Also! My Motion EP Release Party this summer is going to be A BIG, JUICY, VIBE. I can’t wait! I want everybody to come out and feel it with me!

Twitter / IG:  @MoxieKnoxOfficial

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