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Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato Team Up for “Fall in Line”

Guys, it FINALLY happened. Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato recorded a song together and although I knew it was going to be mind-blowing from the second the collaboration was announced, I was not prepared for this song.

“Fall In Line” is a song off Christina’s highly anticipated new album, Liberation, which drops on June 15th.  When Christina had to choose who to collaborate with on “Fall In Line”, she says, “We went through a few names of women… I needed a belty singer, and she [Demi] took it to the next level. I almost cried when I first heard her on the record.”  Christina’s not wrong, their voices fit together so perfectly, it must’ve been a match made in heaven.

The powerhouse vocalists gave us a feminist anthem, that tells girls that, “in this world, you are not beholden, you do not owe them your body and your soul.”  Over the four minute track, Christina and Demi showcase their incredible vocals with a stand out chorus,  jaw-dropping belts and a beautiful message.

“It’s just the way it is / And maybe it’s never gonna change / But I got a mind to show my strength / And I got a right to speak my mind / And I’m gonna pay for this / They’re gonna burn me at the stake / But I got a fire in my veins / I wasn’t made to fall in line.”

My review? 10 out of 10.  This song is what I have been waiting my whole life for, and I think Demi can say the same.

The duo will perform “Fall In Line” this Sunday at the Billboard Music Awards, so make sure you have your tissues ready!

“To anyone who’s ever felt silenced and repressed, the truth seekers and bold thinkers… may you liberate your voice and break the mold, never back down, and never fall in line.”

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