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Years and Years’ New Single Will Inspire You to Leave Bad Relationships

The band Years and Years just recently dropped their new single “If You’re Over Me,” and we are absolutely loving it! If you ask us, it’s the perfect upbeat summer song for anyone who needs a little extra help getting over their ex. The song starts out with a techno beat and the lyrics begin with the lead singer, Olly Alexander, singing in a very low tone. After about a minute, the song takes off, the beat gets louder and Alexander’s vocals get stronger. We mean… what a build up!

In general, the song is about a person realizing their worth and it being way too late for their ex. The lyrics revolve around the notion that the ex in question is very up and down with their feelings. However, the singer is over it and just wants to move on with their life and enjoy it, because life’s been anything but enjoyable to that point.

Overall, the song is really inspirational for those who might be in relationships right now in which the other person isn’t treating them as well as they deserve. In other words, the song itself would inspire us to get out of a bad relationship and just move on.

Aside from the positive message about sticking with people who know your worth, the song itself is a complete bop! The beat is so fun that you just have to get up and dance. It’s definitely an amazing song to put on all of your summer party playlists!

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