Sum 41’s Frank Zummo Talks Drumming, Touring, Does This Look Infected? Tour and More!

Meet Frank Zummo. Does the name sound familiar? If so, Zummo is the current drummer of Sum 41, has filled in for Mötley Crüe and started Street Drum Corps. Zummo has been a practicing drummer since he was in elementary school and has taken his skills all over the world not only in live shows, but in a classroom setting as well. In the middle of Sum 41’s 15th anniversary tour for Does This Look Infected?, Zummo made a pitstop at The Collective School of Music in NYC to discuss drumming and his career with fans and fellow musicians in an intimate setting! I was one of the attendees of the class and then got to chat with Zummo afterwards about drumming, Sum 41, Warped Tour and more! 

Hey! Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us today. I was recently at your drum clinic in NYC and it was a really awesome experience. What made you go forward and showcase your skills and talk to inspiring drummers and your fans about drumming and your career?
Thanks so much for attending! The Drummers Collective is a very special place to me. I studied there for many years straight outta High School & it really had a huge impact on my drumming and schooling. I ran into an old tour buddy a few years ago and he told me that he was the new owner of The Collective and we’ve been talking since about doing something special at the school together. It was a really amazing and full circle moment for me to be standing on that stage performing. I really wanted to inspire the students and take them through the journey of someone who has attended the school and kept on the path and stayed 100% dedicated. I hope to see some of those students giving a master class on that stage in a few years!
It was also great to hang with all the fans that attended and to give them that experience in an intimate setting.
This wasn’t the first time you’ve done this drum clinic. Have you ever thought about becoming a drum teacher when you have some off time?
I actually used to teach drums privately and at schools when I lived in NY over 10 years ago.
Clinic wise, I did my first clinic tour in China back in March and it was such an amazing experience. The clinics and master classes that I’ve been doing do teach as well in a big group setting and that has been really fun. There are some new amazing apps now where you can teach virtually and I will hopefully be doing some of that soon.
So you’ve been with Sum 41 for a bit now but a few months ago marked the 15th birthday for the band’s Does This Look Infected? album, which you guys are touring right now. How’s that so far? Is it a weird feeling for you?
The tour has been absolutely amazing and playing this full album has been a blast! We actually had no idea it was the 15th Anniversary. The fans we’re blowing us up on socials letting us know it was the anniversary and due to that, we wanted to hit the road and do this for the fans!
Sum’s currently working on new music. Can you tell us anything about the upcoming release?
It’s still in the very early stages and this tour kinda sidelined it for a bit, but we will be back at it after we wrap this tour. I’m really looking forward to working & recording new music with the guys!
So this is the last Vans Warped Tour this summer and Sum’s on one of the dates! You’ve played the tour in the past with Sum and your other group, Street Drum Corps. What are your feelings toward such an iconic tour ending?
Warped Tour was the first tour Street Drum Corps ever did and then it was my first full US tour in Sum 41, so it’s very special to me and Kevin Lyman is family! SDC was signed to his Warcon Record label. I also met Sum 41 on Warped tour when SDC was on it! It’s going to be amazing to play the final Toronto show in the bands hometown! It was also the first festival I ever attended as a kid, so the be playing the last show is pretty amazing and also very bittersweet!
What else is up next for you? What’s up next for Sum 41?
I’ll be performing a few big Emo Nite shows solo and with Adrian Young from No Doubt over the Summer. Then I’ll be heading out on a clinic world tour with SJC Drums. Sum 41 has a bunch of festivals this summer in US, Canada and Europe. Then we’ll be in the studio when not on the road.
Anything else you’d like to add? Thanks again for supporting the clinic and thanks to all the amazing fans, drummers and students! 
Keep an eye out for the world tour clinic announcements and you can follow me, Emo Nite & Sum 41 to keep up to date with tour dates!


Photos: Sarah Waxberg

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