Somme Releases Self-Titled Debut EP

Breakout multi-instrumentalist, indie-pop musician Somme has released her self-titled debut EP, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! As a fresh faced artist, Somme’s sound is impressively fascinating and honest. From her earthy green aesthetic to her soul-gripping vocal talents, Somme captivates listeners and pulls them into her own world.

Just last year, Jordan Cantor first entered the studio to record her debut, self-titled EP. After a year and a half of writing and recording, she finally emerged to fully embrace her new identity as Somme. Somme shares that she draws inspiration from idols like Lorde, Fleetwood Mac, and Robyn, which definitely shows in her music!

In writing her debut, Somme peels back the layers to reveal a more vulnerable side of herself. Tapping into intimate, emotional experiences, the record’s lyrics have an overarching theme about a relationship, that while brief had a lasting impact on her.

Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

She opens up the record with “Long Time,” which was her first ever single released from Somme. “Long Time” sets a bold tone with the combination of hard hitting beats and Somme’s soft, mellow vocals. The opening track feels very personal, as if Somme is reading you excerpts from her very own diary. In particular, this LGBTQ love song narrates a short lived relationship that went nowhere and the headtrips that ensued.

The second track “Ordinary Fools” flows perfectly with the vibe of “Long Time.” More recently, Somme released the official music video for “Ordinary Fools,” which depicts deeper concepts of oneself. In the video, Somme is portrayed as two different characters, one malicious woman dressed in all black, and one hopeful damsel dressed in all white.

Somme takes listeners through a journey of emotions throughout the record. The ballad “Love Divided” depicts the feelings of giving someone more than they could ever give back to you, while “Don’t Let Me” and “Holding on to You” emotionally navigate breaking off the relationship. She pours pure honesty out on tracks like “Tell Me,” which is her most personal song about a friend’s battle with addiction. Painting a melancholy picture of the relationship, she sings “I can’t walk into your room without wondering what you’re doing behind closed doors you / Could be drinking? / Or you could just be sitting thinking?”

Somme a stunning record that melds mesmerizing pop hooks and moody electronics. The new EP is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music! We cannot wait to see where Somme will go from here!

Featured Photo: Lindsey Bryrnes