James Bay Covers Taylor Swift

James Bay’s Live Lounge Cover Mashes Up Taylor Swift AND Drake

James Bay pays tribute to Taylor Swift in his unique cover of “Delicate,” the last single from Reputation. Bay’s live performance took place in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and was published just a few days ago.

This “Delicate” cover is not only catchy, but very original! Bay opens a new angle to the single by stripping it down and making it his own. His solo acoustic performance feels very pure and soulful, which perfectly matches the vulnerability of this song. There’s just something about Bay’s charming charisma that captivates you during his performances.

This particular performance features a surprise mash-up with Drake’s hit single “One Dance.” Right at the peak of the song, Bay begins singing the chorus of “One Dance,” then proceeds to finish by fading back into the breezy lyrics of “Delicate.” Although “One Dance” is a dancehall inspired single and greatly juxtaposes the soft pop melodies of Swift’s “Delicate,” Bay pulled it off! He flawlessly enmeshed two songs from very different backgrounds while staying true to his own acoustic style.

Bay told the host of BBC that out of all songs out there, he chose to cover “Delicate” because “It’s a great song, it’s a beautiful song. When it comes to the Live Lounge, I’m looking for something that I can put my little twist on. This one connected with me.”

After the release, Taylor Swift showed her appreciation for Bay by proudly sharing his rendition of “Delicate” on Twitter. She definitely approves, and so do we!


Featured Image: Instagram (@JamesBayMusic)

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