G-Eazy Celebrated His Birthday with Surprise EP The Vault

To celebrate his 29th birthday, G-Eazy decided to surprise his fans with a gift and release a three-track EP titled The Vault. You can find new songs there, as well as cut tracks that didn’t make his latest album The Beautiful and Damned, which was released in December 2017.

The first track, “Power,” features Nef the Pharaoh and P-Lo. This track references how G feels “high” off of the power that he has over others who are around him. He also makes mention of how his job is exhausting, but he loves living the life of a “Beatle.”

“Green, green, wasabi, only hundreds and fifties” open up the second track “Wasabi,” which features Global Dan. Throughout the song, the two of them list off all of the luxuries that they get to enjoy in their lives. G also pays homage to the Bay Area and rapper Mac Dre’s life. “Rest in peace Mac Dre, shed a tear on November 1st, will always remember that day,” he spits.

The last track, “Over Me,” features RJ and Jay Ant. G is again proclaiming his status in the game as “alpha” and letting everyone around him know that he’s in charge. Despite being in a relationship at the moment, the lyrics on this track warn others to not leave their girls alone around him. The tracks found on this EP are not as radio-worthy, which is why they may have been cut from The Beautiful and Damned, but OG fans were still thrilled to be hearing this side of G-Eazy again.

G celebrated his birthday on his European leg of The Beautiful and Damned Tour. During the show, girlfriend Halsey brought the rapper out a birthday cake and had the audience sing happy birthday to him. G-Eazy will be wrapping up his European tour on June 9th in London at Wembly Stadium and will be going back on tour this summer with Ty Dolla $ign and Lil Uzi Vert.

Stream “The Vault” HERE:

Featured Image: Instagram (@g_eazy)