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In Real Life is About to Be Your New Favorite Boy Band

Boy band In Real Life scored a record deal with Hollywood Records after winning ABC’s music competition Boy Band back in August. The band consists of Brady Tutton, Chance Perez, Drew Ramos, Michael Conor, and Sergio Calderon. Many people speculate that the group wants to be as successful as One Direction, but that’s not really a thought of theirs. Back in January the group reported to NKD magazine and told their fans that they’re “…just trying to do all we can. We’re trying to make the music we want to make and have fun making it. So it’s not really like we’re trying to be any other boy band that has come before us.” The group has released three singles since the competition Boy Band ended and even scored a top 40 for pop radio with their song “Tattoo (How Bout’ You).”

In Real Life’s latest single “How Badly” was released on April 20th and their fans can’t get enough. With the songs reggae vibe and Spanish influence, the In Real Life fandom has been nothing but supportive of the track. The group went to Twitter on release day to tell fans to: “Have your aux chords, speakers, and headphones ready for tonight! The song has to be blasted on them to get the full experience.”

Since releasing their newest single, In Real Life has been performing at a variety of festivals and announced that they will embark on the American Idol Live! Tour all summer long. The band will be opening up for the contestants and be singing their three tracks in addition to three new songs. In Real Life will be growing their fanbase and reaching a new audience with this gig, but it seems like the fans might be more excited than the band.

Will you be seeing In Real Life on the American Idol Live! Tour? Comment below or tweet us @Soundigest and let us know! We cannot wait to see In Real Life become the worlds next big boy band! Make sure to check out their single “How Badly” below.

Featured Image: Instagram (@InRealLife)