Uh Oh! SZA May Have Permanently Damaged Her Vocal Chords

After 11 months on tour, SZA recently took to Twitter to announce that she may have permanently damaged her vocal chords. She admitted that she’s been feeling some pain in her throat for quite some time now, but has continued to perform until her voice physically couldn’t make any sound. Vocal strain has impacted many famous singers in the past, including John Mayer and Adele, just to name a few. At this point, we can only hope that it’s early enough that she hasn’t done any permanent damage.

As a result of her vocal chord injury, she announced on Twitter Tuesday night that she is taking a break from the TDE Championship Tour. The tweets have since been deleted. However, Vulture captured one of the tweets which said, “I just wanna be left alone my priorities are f***ed up. They been f***ed up. I need space goodbye. Tonight was the test. That settles that.”

She also sent out another tweet that said, “My voice is permanently injured. Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYUUYH!!!!!!!’n,” which obviously caused fans concern.

In an Instagram post from Top Dawg, it said that “She’ll see the doctor again in a few days and I’ll update you guys on her status. As for the dates she missed, we’ll figure out a way to make it up to you guys.” SZA also made her own comment to the post, as shown above.

SZA has already missed a few of the dates of the tour and it’s unclear if she will be able to finish as she originally planned.

Get well soon, SZA!

Featured Image: Instagram (@sza)