The 1975 Releases “Give Yourself a Try” Music Video

The 1975 is officially back! The band has returned with their first music video of the new era, depicting great depths of their single “Give Yourself a Try.”

The video opens with Matty Healy stretched out on a sofa, confessing his confidential thoughts regarding the issues he has with himself. He rambles on that “You know, the best thing is to actually be as earnest as I feel; because I know what I’m doing, just everything I do, it knows what it is.”  He then turns to his therapist (who happens to be a giant teddy bear statue wearing a suit) and says, “You know, for the amount I’m paying you you’re not very good at this.” In that moment, the therapist’s college degree falls off the office wall and makes a dramatic drop to the ground.


This particular scene symbolizes Matty’s personal growth and overall changes as he has aged. The unresponsive therapist has been placed in the video as a prop to signify that Matty cannot find a proper solution to his problems through other’s help. The big metaphor here is that he has to tackle his spiritual enlightenment alone. While Matty questions his identity, he discovers that he is the only one who can help himself navigate his life.

In the video, the band creates some nostalgic memories of their past work. The main scene takes place in what looks like a mirrored box, where Matty Healy, George Daniel, Ross MacDonald, and Adam Hann reunite to energetically play their new single. All four band members are seen wearing matching black suits, with Matty and Adam sporting colored eye shadow. This scene definitely parallels with their music video for their 2016 hit single, “The Sound.” Between the bright color palette and boxed stage set up, its hard to not experience deja vu while watching.

The video also features some closed captions of some (but not all) of Matty’s controversial lyrics. This includes the anecdote of Jane who “took her own life at 16.” Matty sings that “she was the kid who had the box tattooed on her arm/ And I was 25 and afraid to go outside.” He also speaks to himself when he sings “You’re getting spiritually enlightened at 29.” These unorganized, mysterious lyrics leave fans guessing what exactly Matty is addressing in the song.

In a recent interview with Radio X, Matty lightheartedly jokes about what it’s like to be inside his mind, claiming that “it’s not somewhere you want to stay for very long.” When asked to elaborate on the lyrics, he explains that “it’s about whether you acquire that knowledge, it’s about searching for that kind of truth in amongst things that you thought were gonna provide you with the answer.” He admits that as he matured he came to the realization that materialistic items and fame are not the answer for happiness.

Matty goes on to say that “I don’t want to go too much into the lines because, with me I genuinely forget what parts are autobiographical and what parts aren’t. The lyrics become such an innate part of my identity as soon as they go out there, I just accept them as truths anyway.”

Although the “Give Yourself a Try” music video is a little all over the place, fans aren’t surprised. It’s been nearly two years since The 1975 has released a project, and it’s obvious that they’re experimenting with their sound, aesthetic, and overall message. “Give Yourself A Try” is only the beginning for the new era of The 1975! If anything, we think that the band will age very nicely and we cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us!

Featured Image: Instagram (@The1975)

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