Rita Ora Drops Girls Music Video

Rita Ora Drops New Music Video for Controversial Song “Girls”

Rita Ora dropped her new video for her song “Girls” last week. The track features Charli XCXBebe Rexha, and Cardi B, who each get a verse. The song has received a lot of criticism since it was released. The track has been deemed Ora’s personal experience with her bisexuality, but the cheeky chorus lines, “Sometimes I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls/red wine I just wanna kiss girls, girls, girls” do not sit well with some people.

Photo: Atlantic Records UK

Members of the LGBT community, particularly the bisexual community, have criticized the song for tarnishing the legitimacy of female bisexuality. Much like Katy Perrys “I Kissed a Girl,” where Perry kisses a girl and then hopes her boyfriend won’t mind it, the song insinuates that only sometimes, girls want to kiss girls and them kissing doesn’t mean there are any serious romantic feelings in play. In “Girls,” Ora only wants to kiss girls while under the influence of alcohol (i.e. red wine).

Regardless of where you stand with the song, “Girls” is a catchy track with a sensual music video. There are no men present in the video. During Cardi B’s verse, she appears as a hologram projection that Ora watches through special glasses, but towards the end of her verse, the two share a kiss that is cinematically interesting (hologram and real human).

In the beginning of the video, Ora is surrounded by many women wearing sheer slips; she is wearing one herself as well. These women are appreciated for their faces and bodies with multiple close-ups of their faces shown. During Rexha’s verse, she is seen moving around what appears to be a funhouse mirror, where her image is displayed in multiple angles. At one point, she kisses her reflection.

The overall appreciation for women is what I took away as the main theme of the video. Regardless of the song’s controversial message, the overall theme is something that can be universally appreciated.

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Featured Image: Atlantic Records UK

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