The Wrecks “James Dean” Music Video Will Have You Wanting to See Them Live

For those of you who don’t know, The Wrecks are an Indie Rock band that originated in California. The band includes Nick Anderson, Aaron Kelly, Nick Schmidt, Westen Weiss, and Billy Nally. Their success has grown rapidly since their debut single, “Favorite Liar,” which was released last year. They’ve played a ton of shows and festivals and even shared the stage with many well-known artists. These days, they recently released their new music video for their single “James Dean,” and it just goes to prove how much fun their live shows are.

The video shows the band signing autographs, stage diving, and rocking out both on and off stage. The video has a blue and red aesthetic, and shows how much energy and passion the band puts into their concerts. Plus, it also gives insight to how crazy their fans go at their concerts. Overall, the video is extremely fun and energetic, and it totally makes you want to attend on of their shows ASAP.

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Featured Photo: Instagram (@wearethewrecks)