FAULKNER Talks Hashtags, Comic Books and New Music

FAULKNER is an LA based alternative rock band that now resides in Los Angeles. With over 2 million views on their “Revolutionary” video, the band really stands out from others in their genre. How many other bands can say they have worked with the legendary producer, RZA, and have their own comic book coming out? Bass player for FAULKNER, Dimitri Farougias, answers some questions we have for him.

Faulkner Interview
Is there a song or album from when you were younger that influenced you to play music?
“Killing In The Name” by Rage Against The Machine. That whole, “fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me” line summed it all up for me as a teenager. Of course, the sheer power of the song as a whole was also a major factor.
Love the band’s music. How did the band form?
Just friends talking to other friends about forming a band. That sort of thing.
Originally, you guys were from New York but, now reside in Venice. What made you guys decide to move across the country?
It was more like split between NY and LA. We are always recording in LA so it made sense we set up camp here in LA.
Various producers have worked with the band but what was it like working with the legendary producer and Wu-Tang Clan member, RZA?
 A dream come true. RZA is just one of the most intelligent and cool people we’ve ever met. He combines his vast musical knowledge with science, numerology and philosophy. It’s really quite astonishing to see him work.
Every song is inspired by various things but what was it like putting the songs together and combining them to create your debut album, PARIAHS?
The album took a couple of years to make, so they’re all sort of a snapshot of what was happening at the time, how we were feeling and what was coming out from our speakers. 
Variety is important for creativity as Kanye West is known to record and work on his albums at different locations like in Hawaii or Wyoming. Where would you want to record your album?
London would be ideal. 
If you could replace yourself in the band with another musician or celebrity, who would it be?
Tina Fey. I’m sure she’s secretly a badass bass player.
Can you explain why chose to title your album, PARIAHS?
It fits a certain outsider attitude we have. It’s sort of an outcast underdog mentality we grew up with, and it summarized the spirit of the songs nicely. 
There are so many rewarding things about being a musician and one of them is the fans. Do you have any memorable moments you’ve had with fans?
Yeah! But then we got too drunk with them and forgot (laughs).
One downside of being a musician is the toll of traveling while touring. What are some do’s and don’ts when you’re on tour?
It really comes down to trying to close your eyes whenever you can and making sure you’re well-hydrated.
Recently, there was an announcement of a collaboration to make a comic book based off of the band. What are some story lines from the comic book that we can expect?
We can’t share yet, I’m sorry!
I noticed on the band’s Instagram that you guys use hashtags #UNFIT and #UNFITS for most of the posts. What’s the meaning behind these hashtags?
It follows the same theme as PARIAHS, of just not wanting to be put in a box.
Anything else we can expect from the band for the rest of 2018?
We’re working on some new music right now!
Dimitri, what was it like meeting Tom Jones?
He was a perfect gentleman. I asked him to be my wingman.
You can find FAULKNERS’ latest EP PARIAHS on Spotify and other streaming services. Also, you can find the band on Instagram, Twitter, and their website! If you’re interested in learning more of the band, click here for a past interview that we have done with them!
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