Nao releases new single Another Lifetime

NAO’s Latest Single “Another Lifetime” is a Guaranteed Hit

Nao, the British Alternative RnB songstress and songwriter who has had recent success with tracks like “Nostalgia” and “Bad Blood”  just released a new single called “Another Lifetime.” The track keeps the singer familiar territory…and very much in control.

It’s a beautiful, melancholy song with slowly lifting beats that glide along the bass with heavy, 808-type RnB beats.  Nao’s vocal ability is where the real magic is, going from her upper register to her low register in the span of just a few seconds and the added layer of robotic background vocals give the track some unique texture, only amplifying the emotions. The love and heartbreak portrayed in the song are messy, out of this world, frantic, sad and most of all, mysterious. The journey of love and heartbreak is told beautifully here. The amount of emotion Nao puts into this seemingly chill and vibey track is almost mind-boggling. Definitely a must-have track for this summer.

“I guess I’ll wait another lifetime, oh (ooh, ooh)
Meet us in another lifetime, oh (ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh)”

LISTEN –  NAO – Another Lifetime –

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