Olivia O’Brien Releases “RIP” Remix Ft. G-Eazy & Drew Love

Last Friday singer-songwriter Olivia O’Brien switched up her discography by releasing a remix of her successful single “RIP,” featuring G-Eazy and Drew Love. “RIP” is the ultimate breakup song that addresses the after shock feelings of cutting off a toxic relationship, officially pronouncing that person “dead to you.” The original single has reached great exposure and has been streamed nearly 25 million times globally. With the new addition of G-Eazy and Drew Love, the single goes to great depths as it explores the different perspectives of each artist.

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Olivia opens up the narrative explaining how her partner has suddenly flipped 180° to become toxic stranger. She claims that she doesn’t even know this person who now has brand new friends, a brand new girl, and an unrecognizable personality. In the chorus, Olivia flawlessly depicts the emotion in her vocals as she sings “R-I-P to the old you / I fucking miss you, I would have never let you down like you did to me / Now you’re dead to me.”

Drew Love of the R&B duo THEY. appears halfway through the song for his verse where he confronts himself by the fact that letting go of this person is very difficult because love is still present in this toxic relationship. Cutting off this person feels nearly impossible, but in the end he realizes “But I don’t think we’ll ever be the same.” G-Eazy closes up the song with his insight on the complicated situation and concludes that there is no way the relationship can be saved at this point. He confesses, “Let’s put it to rest now before we make a big mess now / And you know that I been a mess / Gettin’ faded to alleviate stress now.”

“RIP” represents all three artists’ view on cutting ties with people of your past, making this remix undeniably relatable to anyone.

When asked about the new collaboration, Olivia stated, “I am so excited about this remix.  I wanted to put a new spin on a song that I love and Drew and G were the perfect additions.  I think it takes the song to another level and I’m so glad that everyone finally gets to hear it.”  G-Eazy shows love for his fellow California native and added, “Olivia’s the homie. I’ve known her for a minute and I’m hyped we finally got to do something together.  The song’s about two people walking out of each other’s lives completely. It’s sad when it comes to that, but that’s life sometimes.” Drew Love spoke on the collaboration claiming, “I was excited to be a part of this song because I felt I really could relate to it deeply. I’m a fan of Olivia’s artistry and it was good to link with G again, too.  I hope people can feel what we’re saying in the song and I can’t wait to do this on stage.”

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Featured Image: Island Records