Real Friends Will Release New Album Composure This Friday

While traveling on the final run of Warped Tour this summer, the Illinois-natives Real Friends are preparing to release their next album, Composure, this Friday, July 13th.  The band has already released three singles from the new album, “From The Outside,” “Smiling On The Surface,” and “Unconditional Love,” each of which discuss the topic of mental illness and personal struggle, a theme present throughout the entirety of the album.

Real Friends Will Release New Album,

Real Friends has always been a band that is very open about their personal struggles with mental illness, especially their front man Dan Lambton.  They keep it real with their fan base, and Composure follows suit, made up of 10 very personal, but very important, songs. For example, “From The Outside” uses the lyrics “On the inside I’m still sick / The pills a temporary fix” as their catchy chorus sings, “I’m reclaiming my composure / Lately I’ll ben, smile and pretend to be stable.” In a time where it is so important to be talking about mental illness and personal struggle, Real Friends has found a way to discuss these issues in a catchy and upbeat way.

From a musical standpoint, Composure is a change for the band, especially from their 2016 album, The Home Inside My Head.  Each of the songs gravitates towards catchy hooks, leaning more towards the “pop” in “pop punk.”  It’s definitely not the most instrumentally advanced album, but for the message it’s spreading, it didn’t need to be. The focus was more on the lyrics and how it was presented to the audience, likely with the goal of exposing Real Friends to a larger fan base.

While Composure does revolve around a very serious topic, it is made up of songs that will be very fun for the crowd when played live. Stop and see Real Friends at the remaining dates of Warped Tour, and get ready to hear Composure, out this Friday!

Featured Image: Instagram (@RealFriendsBand)