The 1975 Shock Fans, TWO Upcoming Albums & Tour

The 1975 Shocks Fans with TWO Upcoming Albums and a Tour

Fans of The 1975 everywhere were ecstatic when the band announced that they would be releasing not one, but two, upcoming albums as part of their Music For Cars era. The two records are to be titled A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships and Notes On A Conditional Form, accordingly.  Originally fans believed that the band’s third album was going to be titled Music For Cars so fans were quite shocked to find out about there being two records.

Recently, the bands manager Jamie Oborne had expressed the reasoning behind the band releasing two records had to deal with how long the band plans to be on tour. Once the band embarks on their tour they could be on the road for almost two years. Matty and the boys thought it was only right to release two records within the same time they would’ve released just one. This has been very exciting news to fans because we have lots of new music to look forward to and a confirmed tour!

The first record A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships is set to be released later this year and Notes On A Conditional Form in spring of next year. With that being said, the band is expected to start their live shows this January and it has been teased that the upcoming shows will be even more amazing then their last tour. As for right now all we can do is patiently wait for the album release dates and tour dates which should be coming real soon! Keep an eye out on the bands socials!

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