The Story So Far Breaks Their Silence with “Let It Go”

After dropping just one song in 2017 and seeming to fall off the face of the earth, The Story So Far came back with a new song called “Let It Go.” This is the first single off their soon-to-be released album, Proper Dose, out September 21 through Pure Noise Records.

This song is definitely not what you’d expect as the first single from an album, especially from The Story So Far. This does give away the hint that it will most likely not be as angry and angsty as their previous album. Looking at the lyrics will definitely leave you feeling some type of way though.

“Let it go, there’s no lust now I’m way ahead of you//Can you hear me now? I’m on your radio//Can you pull me apart just the way you do?” Yeah… we told you they’d leave you feeling some type of way!

The release definitely took everyone by surprise, as there hasn’t been much news from the band except their tour with Taking Back Sunday and Coheed and Cambria before the song’s release.

Be sure to preorder your copy of Proper Dose here for a download of “Let It Go,” and be sure to listen to the new single HERE:

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