Top 5 Musicians Who Did the “In My Feelings” Challenge

Since Drake released his new album Scorpion, it seems like the “In My Feelings” challenge has been spreading like wildfire! This new dance craze is taking social media by storm, making it irresistibly amusing to watch. The whole trend started with Instagram comedian @TheShiggyShow when he posted a video of himself dancing outside of his moving car to Drake’s “In My Feelings.” Shiggy’s simple choreography matched up perfectly with Drake’s lyrics, and within a few days the challenge went viral. Since then, many celebrtieis have hopped on the bandwagon, including some of our favorite musicians!

Here’s the BEST top 5 renditions of the “In My Feelings” challenge brought to you by some of Drake’s musical colleagues…

1. Ciara (featuring Russell Wilson)

Ciara and Russell show off their moves while on their honeymoon in South Africa. #PowerCouple

2. Zara Larsson

Zara Larsson and her backup dancers take this challenge to a whole new level as they perform the iconic dance onstage! Zara then went to Instagram to remind people that #lilbootiesmatter too.

3. BTS

We all know the boys of BTS are all too good at dancing… are we even surprised they killed this challenge?

4. Lil Jon & Diplo

Ever wonder what Lil Jon and Diplo do on the weekends? Turns out they make home dance videos while they party! #YEAH

5. Ty Dolla $ign & Jimmy Kimmel

Ty Dolla $ign and Jimmy Kimmel went as far as making a spoof for this challenge after officials announced the safety hazards of the new dance trend. They call their newer, safer version The Light Challenge. There’s only two rules to this challenge; buckle up and “when the light turns yella, slow down hella!”

Featured Image: Instagram (@ChampagnePapi) 

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