Cody Simpson & The Tide Release "Underwater"

Cody Simpson & The Tide’s “Underwater” Will Give You All the Beach Vibes

Cody Simpson is back, and his latest single, “Underwater,” does not disappoint! Last year Cody had announced that he would now be known as ‘Cody Simpson & The Tide‘ with the announcement of his new band. The Tide’s sound is very laid back, with a unique sound perfect for their debut as a full band. “Underwater” is the song to blast in your car with the windows down this summer or while your hanging out at the beach. With its feel good vibe it’s perfect for anyone who loves the beach and the ocean as much as our favorite Aussie Cody does.

The song definitely suggests that Cody is more comfortable being near the water, rather than a crazy club setting. The video for the song as a stunning blue aesthetic, with scenes of Cody dancing underwater with a girl we wish was us!

Overall the video is very simplistic but visually stunning. I 100% recommend you check it out ASAP! Let us know what you think about the song and video in the comments, or tweet us @Soundigest !

Featured Photo: Instagram (@CodySimpson)

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