Marshmello and Bastille Team Up for Happier

Marshmello and Bastille Team Up for New Single “Happier”

Electronic Dance Artist and Pop hit maker Marshmello has teamed up with British Alternative-Pop band Bastille for what is truly a unique but very fun collaboration. When hints were first dropped a few months ago, fans of both artists really didn’t know what to make of it. They come from two different music worlds, but when each artist began to drop teasers days before the release we knew this was going to be something special.

Marshmello and Bastille Team Up for Happier
Happier // Used with permission from UMG

The track, produced by Marshmello himself, is rumored to also be part of Bastille’s upcoming Other People’s Heartache Pt 4 Mixtape. The mixtape features collaborations with various artists that are often out of Bastille’s comfort zone, but allows for the band to grow further as artists.

The track ‘Happier’ encompasses a true EDM pop-leaning song is. It’s perfect for late Summer parties and Pop radio, something that Bastille has yet to conquer. It’s fun and breezy in terms of sound but switches gears lyrically. We suddenly have a contrasting dynamic, the music is happy but the lyrics–not so much. Or are they? With lines like “You might be happy now but I can make you happier,” the lyrics leave just enough for the listeners’ interpretations, another key ingredient for the perfect pop song.

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Listen: Marshmello x Bastille // Happier

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