Liam Payne’s First Time EP Takes Us Through a Rocky Relationship

After postponing his debut album, Liam Payne has gifted fans with a brand new EP titled First Time. On the four track EP, Liam takes us through the trials and tribulations of a romantic relationship. This time, it’s about a relationship caught in the crosshairs of fame, complicated by the fact that the entire world is watching.

The opening track, which is appropriately named “First Time,” features rapper French Montana. It’s an R&B pop song with some trap music influences strewn in for good measure. We can even hear some undertones of Latin or Bossa Nova, which makes the track a bit busier than it should be, but it’s still a slinky and sexy opener.

On the second track, titled “Home Wit You,” Liam continues with the same sexy pop and R&B vibe, but somewhere along the line, this track falls short. The lyrics are too clichéd and feel a bit cheesy at times, especially set against a slightly trite and sleepy beat.

Liam ironically picks up the pace on “Slow,” with a fresh perspective lyrically, and with the music gearing towards more of a pop/EDM sound with elements of R&B thrown in there as well. The chopped vocals and other production choices make this the most pop radio friendly song on the EP. It’s catchy from the get-go, and it really lets Liam shine.

The final track on the First Time EP is a scaled down (almost a capella) track. The song is stripped down to just a piano and Liam’s voice, and it’s the other track on the EP that we feel allows him to shine. His vocals are best here, giving us early Ne-Yo and Usher vibes. It’s a beautiful track to close out what is an overall successful EP for Liam Payne.

Stream ‘First Time’ here:

Featured Image: SONY Music