Fall Out Boy Drop Surprise EP Lake Effect Kid

Fall Out Boy surprised fans last week with a three-track EP called Lake Effect Kid. The band tweeted that the new music was to “celebrate our biggest homecoming yet,” referring to their show in their Chicago hometown show, taking place at the iconic Wrigley Field (home of the Chicago Cubs) on September 8. The show will have support from Machine Gun Kelly and Rise Against, as well as walk-throughs and pop-up shops for the fans.

The band referred to Lake Effect Kid as their “love letter to Chicago,” which is very obvious within each of the songs. The first track of the EP, “Lake Effect Kid,” first appeared as a demo in their 2008 CitizensFOB Mixtape: Welcome to the New Administration. A decade later, the song has finally been polished and released. The song includes lyrics such as “’til Lakeshore Drive comes back into focus” and “Boomerang my head // Into the city I grew up in // Again and again // Forever a Lake Effect Kid,” paying homage to the city of Chicago.

The next two tracks are very direct with their love for the city. “City in a Garden” makes the line “I love you Chicago” into a catchy chorus, and “Super Fade” repeatedly chants “Chicago gets my soul.” It’s obvious that Chicago will always be important to Fall Out Boy, as it is where they grew up and got their start.

After hearing the EP, fans were ecstatic over the fact that the songs sounded like the earlier works of Fall Out Boy. As mentioned, “Lake Effect Kid” originally appeared as a demo in 2008, so it makes sense that the finished product would be reminiscent of their older music. The three songs work exceptionally well together, and it is no doubt that Lake Effect Kid has everyone excited for Fall Out Boy’s hometown show, as well as the rest of their MANIA tour.

See if you love your hometown as much as Fall Out Boy loves Chicago by listening to Lake Effect Kid, available everywhere now!

Featured Image: Instagram (@falloutboy)