Good Charlotte Releases Powerful New Single “Prayers”

With the September 14th release date for Good Charlotte’s seventh album, Generation Rx, fast approaching, the band has released a thought provoking and powerful single, “Prayers.”

The song approaches an electronic vibe in its instrumentals, but the real focus is on the lyrics. In the modern day-and-age, with so many tragedies hitting the news almost daily, we have taken up a “thoughts and prayers culture,” where everyone seems to be hopping on social media to “send good vibes” and keep those affected “in their prayers.” While a good sentiment, it covers up the fact that those who participate in “thoughts and prayers” rarely actually do anything else to tackle the problems at hand.

This is the message in Good Charlotte’s latest single. Repeated throughout the song is the lines, “Prayers / They don’t mean a thing at all / Do they answer when you call? These prayers, when you don’t mean what you say / Would you die for me today? / No, I just can’t relate.”

These are some heavy, serious lyrics, but is definitely something that needs to be heard. It’s hard to find a respectable way to address such a big issue, but Good Charlotte did it justice.

While the song has more of an electronic sound than their classic rock vibe, it fits with the topic at hand. Overall, “Prayers” is a great way to lead in to their new album.  Generation Rx comes out on September 14th, and is followed by a North American Tour starting October 12thin Mexico City, Mexico and ending November 24thin Las Vegas, Nevada. Find the rest of the tour dates here:

October 12th– Mexico City, Mexico
October 13th– Puebla, Mexico
October 16th– Orlando, FL
October 17th– Atlanta, GA
October 19th– Raleigh, NC
October 20th– Lynchburg, VA
October 21st– Philadelphia, PA
October 23rd– Worcester, MA
October 25th– Toronto, ON
October 26th– Montreal, QC
October 27th– Syracuse, NY
October 28th– Cleveland, OH
October 29th– New York, NY
November 1st– Detroit, MI
November 2nd– Columbus, OH
November 3rd– Grand Rapids, MI
November 4th– Chicago, IL
November 6th– Minneapolis, MN
November 7th– Kansas City, MO
November 9th– Oklahoma City, OK
November 10th– San Antonio, TX
November 11th– Dallas, TX
November 12th– Houston, TX
November 14th– Denver, CO
November 15th– Salt Lake City, UT
November 16th– Garden City, ID
November 17th– Portland, OR
November 18th– Seattle, WA
November 20th– San, Francisco, CA
November 21st– Los Angeles, CA
November 23rd– Phoenix, AZ
November 24th– Las Vegas, NV

Featured Image: Facebook (@goodcharlotte)