Bay Ledges I Remember Single Review

With Alt-Pop Duo Bay Ledges’ “I Remember,” Summer Doesn’t Have to End

Bay Ledges is a Los Angeles-based indie alternative-pop duo, comprised of siblings Zach and Georgia Hurd. The band released their latest single “I Remember” this past May and it’s extremely fun. The song is a collaboration with Miro Mackie, a producer, songwriter and engineer known for his work with St. Vincent and The Neighbourhood. “I Remember” is also the perfect addition to any indie pop playlist.

Bay Ledges
Used with permission from Bay Ledges

The song sees the Hurd Siblings reminisce about their childhood days growing up in Maine. The pair also paints the picture lyrically with their sweet harmonies and beautiful melodies that are set against a guitar centric alt-pop beat. To be completely honest, it feel as though you’re back in Maine hanging out with the Hurd Siblings yourself!

Most importantly, “I Remember” has an extremely catchy chorus. This is one song you’ll be unknowingly singing along to in no time. The instrumentation of the track has a nostalgic feeling to it without feeling dated, which only lends to the sing-along quality of the chorus. All in all, if you want to hear a feel-good song, we suggest you hit play on this one.

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