Twenty One Pilots’ New Single “My Blood” Doesn’t Disappoint

Twenty One Pilots’ New Single “My Blood” Doesn’t Disappoint

Twenty One Pilots are in a league of their own when it comes to creating stark raving fans. Rarely does a band develop such a fanatical fan base within such a short time of hitting the airwaves. Three different songs from their 2015 album Blurryface hit #1 on the Rock and Alternative charts.  Based off of the results of their newest single “My Blood” it appears their upcoming album Trench, due to be released on October 5th, may shatter those results.

To be fair, every review of “My Blood” could be terrible, and loyal fans would still rave about it. They’d still buy the album, and they’d still line up days before a show to get spots in the pit, all the way up front against the barricade.

In a recent twitter exchange, fans discussing having attending a recent show described arriving at noon – the day before the show – and still not being one of the first hundred people in line. Twenty One Pilots just has that effect on fans. Luckily, “My Blood” is actually very easy on the ears, even for a non-member of the cult of fans. Interestingly, the new single has a sound that’s a bit more commercial than fans might be used to, but the deeply personal, meaningful lyrics that fans tend to connect so deeply with are still there.

When everyone you thought you knew / Deserts your fight, I’ll go with you.”

Check out “My Blood” on Spotify now, or pre-order Trench at  The band has recently begun their Bandito tour, with dates in North America through November. Many shows have already sold out, but some cities still have limited tickets available, just prepare to do some urban camping for a few days before the show if you want a spot up front in the pit!

Featured Image: Twitter (@twentyonepilots)

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