Eminem Takes on His Critics

Eminem Takes on Critics in “Fall” Music Video

Eminem released the music video for his new single, “Fall,” off of his surprise album Kamikaze last week. The song is perhaps the most widely known off of the album because he name-drops many other rappers.

Most of the theme of Kamikaze is Eminem taking on his critics. Whether its media journalists, other rappers who have beef with him, or his ex fans, Em names them all on almost every track on the album. He took issue with most of the negative feedback from his last album Revival. In fact, in the beginning of the “Fall” music video, Eminem’s phone is blowing up with notifications: all negative reviews of Revival. He channeled the anger that he felt reading those negative reviews into going back into the studio to create Kamikaze.

When Eminem isn’t rapping on the stairs in the “Fall” video, he’s running away from an eery-looking shadow following him around. He spares no expense in getting away from this shadow. He runs through walls, crashes through windows, and climbs an extremely tall spiral staircase. Despite his best efforts, the shadow eventually catches up to him. Rather than attempt to keep running, Eminem gives in and lets the shadow connect with him. At the end of the video, he has molded with the shadow. He leaps through the window and falls dozens of stories, landing on his feet. When he looks up, his eyes are pitch black and demonic looking.

The last shot of the video is Eminem’s foot stepping on a Revival CD.

The shadow is meant to represent, in my opinion, Slim Shady, Eminem’s alter ego. Slim Shady was always the one who used derogatory remarks in his songs and represented a really angry side of Eminem’s personality. He seemingly hung up Shady for his Revival album, which was earnest in a way his previous albums weren’t. With the negative reviews, Eminem has seemingly decided to become Slim Shady again for Kamikaze and probably for his future music, too.

Watch out, world. Shady’s back.

Featured Image: Instagram (@Eminem)

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