Noah Cyrus Mad At You

Noah Cyrus’s “Mad at You” Will Have You All Up in Your Feels

Fresh off of her break up with Lil Xan, Noah Cyrus released her newest single “Mad At You.” When we first heard the title, we were anticipating a breakup song lamenting Lil Xan’s cheating allegations, but “Mad At You” is anything but!

“Mad At You” is a love song with a lot of soul! So much so that it could actually rival one of Sam Smith‘s heartfelt ballads. Cyrus’s voice is surprisingly powerful as she sings the chorus with a swell of a gospel choir.

Noah’s isn’t the only voice on this track. Artist Gallant is featured on the song offering the male perspective. “Mad At You” is set up like an intimate conversation between two lovers with a rousing choir that intensifies their relationship woes. “Mad At You” has a beautiful smoothness too it. Gallant and Noah’s voices come together so perfectly that you almost miss when their verses converge.

Overall, “Mad At You” is the perfect song to blast in your car post-breakup, so if you want to get in your feelings and stay there, check out “Mad At You.” Thanks Noah, now we’re going be crying off our makeup and singing “Mad At You” at the top of our lungs.

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