R3HAB & Sofia Carson Star as Unlikely Couple in New Music Video for Their Collab ‘Rumors’

Dutch DJ, R3hab, and Disney Channel actress and up-and-coming pop star Sofia Carson star as a wild, yet beautiful couple in the music video for their collaboration, “Rumors.” The music video shows a lavish one night stand with the couple driving in a convertible and even spinning around with firecrackers in the dark. Throughout the changing scenes, Sofia rocks multiple eye-catching outfits from jeans with slits up the sides to a green sequin dress. Sofia’s style shows her character’s fearlessness as she sings about knowing the boy she’s about to have a one night stand with, insisting that she can get down to his level and play games, too.

One of the video’s highlights is the scene where the couple is lying in bed at night lit in blue and red lighting. This scene, as well as all of the scenes shot at night, appears to be straight out of an ethereal, neon Instagram photoshoot. The romance and magic continues as they dance on a pier and drive through a countryside. Everything in the video is bright and feels like a dream sequence.

On screen, R3hab and Sofia show great chemistry and really play up the story. With lots of solo shots of Sofia, the audience is reminded that she has the power in this situation. Overall, the video for “Rumors” is a must-watch, especially for those who love fantasy and getaways. When it comes down to it, every scene looks as though it’s part of a travel blog.

With over 2 million views already on YouTube, “Rumors” has a catchy beat that will be stuck in your head for days and that will definitely warrant multiple listens. The video shows the Disney actress’s maturity and talent while also bringing R3hab’s music to a whole new set of fans. We could see this song even going as far as providing the two artists with some collaboration nominations when awards season begins. To check out the colorful journey that is the “Rumors,” click play right here!

Featured Image: Spinnin’ Records/Recent

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