Hozier’s New EP Nina Cried Power Will Inspire You To Stand Up For Something

Irish singer-songwriter Hozier just released Nina Cried Power, his latest and possibly most powerful work to date. The EP contains four tracks inspired by “the spirit of protest.” An awesome blend of R&B, Gospel and American rock & Roll, Nina Cried Power is a showstopper of an EP.

Coming off of a two-year tour performing hits like “Take me to Church,” Hozier finally found time to start writing new songs and pour his soul into his new music. Since he was on the road for a while, it was quite difficult for him to write new music with his jam-packed tour schedule. Since then, though, he has been able to pour his creative energy into this project, ultimately making this new EP worth the wait.

Opening with the title track “Nina Cried Power,” Hozier perfectly blends together a bold, shouting melody with a gorgeous Gospel choir. The song itself was completely inspired by the legacy of civil rights artists. The lyrics nod to legends such as Nina Simone, James Brown, Joni Mitchell, Billie Holiday and Mavis Staples. Staples is actually featured on the track along with Booker T. Jones, who adds power to the tracks through his organ playing.

The track itself feels like a call to action, calling out to the power needed for members of the civil rights movements to persist. Although Hozier is from Ireland, he grew up listening to themes of power, resistance and civil rights through blues music. These American blues and Gospel ideas play out perfectly in the fortifying “Nina Cried Power.”

The optimistic EP continues on with slower blues inspired tracks like “NFWMB.” The track starts out with slow, soulful acoustic guitar with a haunting vocal line. The subtle chords of the organ fill out the song and add to the hypnotic and haunting nature of it.

Nodding more to the American Rock & Roll influence is “Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue).” Starting with a catchy electric guitar lick, the track continues to become an exciting, bluesy song. It isn’t a complete Hozier track without the organ chords filling out the rest of the song.

The EP ends with an acoustic track called “Shrike,” which showcases Hozier’s showstopping voice and Irish folk roots. “Nina Cried Power” is a powerful EP to say the least. Touching on issues of resistance, civil rights and the power that comes along with strong people. Hozier expertly weaves in his inspirations into this project. He successfully creates a piece that blends together the best of blues, gospel and rock all while staying true to his sound. Check out “Nina Cried Power” HERE:

Featured Image: Island Records