Dua Lipa Stands by Fans Who Waved Rainbow Flags at Her Shanghai Concert

“I will stand by you.” These are the words Dua Lipa used to praise and show her support for fans who were forcibly removed from her Shanghai concert last week.

On September 12, Lipa took the stage at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, prepared to give her Chinese fans a show that they would never forget. During her set, fans stood up to dance, which was reportedly not allowed at this particular concert due to safety reasons, and waved pride flags high up in the air. When this act was witnessed by venue security, the concert-goers were aggressively pulled out of their seats, dragged out of the building, and further harassed.

Numerous videos of the incident surfaced online shortly after it happened.

Lipa was noticeably shaken, having witnessed the incident from the stage, and addressed the audience while fighting back tears. “I want to create a safe environment for us all to have fun,” she said.

Lipa later put out a statement commending her fans for bravely displaying their pride, and adding that she always wants her music to bring “strength, hope, and unity.” She pledged to return to Shanghai and “hopefully see a room full of rainbows.”

This is an upsetting, yet all too real example of the persecution and marginalization the Chinese LGBT community reportedly faces daily. Although homosexuality was decriminalized in 2001, incidents like this are one of the reasons many Western acts avoid touring through China. For many artists, the increased security and cultural censorship doesn’t allow them to give fans the concert experience they want, and in this case, can lead to safety issues.

We are happy that Dua has shown her unconditional love and support for her Chinese fans and we hope that her vision of a room full of rainbows will one day come true. For now, we send our love to Dua and her fans all over the world.

Featured Image: Instagram (@dualipa)