5 Seconds of Summer’s “Valentine” Music Video is a Beautifully Artistic Collaboration

The 5 Seconds of Summer boys are back in town and they can’t be stopped. After many teasers, the Aussies finally released their third music video from the Youngblood era for “Valentine.”  This visual masterpiece is a collab between photographer Andy DeLuca and the band’s drummer, Ashton Irwin. “Valentine” is a sickly sweet song and the video does a good job in capturing that vibe. Everything from eclairs to snares are used as video props to show the instrumentals and lyrics visually. The boys even bare their souls in the form of wearing skeleton costumes.

The editing style of the video has quite an indie feel.  You can really see Andy Deluca’s style shine through at the end, with the psychedelic effects and color scheme.  Andy has been touring and traveling with 5SOS this whole past year, giving them a distinct look for the new album cycle.  Andy’s photos, as well as the “Valentine” video, give the pop rock band a classic, vibrant feel.  Fun visuals from the video, like floating heads and even clips of Luke Hemmings wearing gold makeup, are reminiscent of videos from bands like Queen.

5SOS has consistently pushed genre and creative boundaries. Through this, the four boys have matured and continue to create content that they are proud of. Ashton having the opportunity to work on “Valentine” proves that the boys are willing to step outside the box to reach their goals. In a letter to fans, Ashton said how important it was for him not only to expand his creative dreams, but to work collaboratively with other artists like Andy. The “Valentine” video shows Ashton and the boys focused more on a visual level, but still having fun, like in their previous, more comedic videos. This reflects the theme of “Valentine” which wants to come off as a sweet song for a girlfriend, but does not take itself too seriously with over the top romantic gestures and even sexual innuendos.

“Valentine” will surely be another hit for the band as their album Youngblood makes them 3 for 3 with Billboard 200 chart toppers. The music video fits the aesthetic of the song’s lyrics while showcasing a unique collaboration. Viewers get up close and personal to sing along with the Australian boys. Even if it’s for a Hallmark holiday, the video makes it hard to not want a Valentine’s date with Calum, Michael, Luke, or Ashton. Hopefully the band will be releasing more colorful projects as part of the Youngblood album cycle. Their current sound and style is a departure of their old pop punk cover days, but the more mature and bold theme seems to be suiting them well.

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Featured Image: Capital Records