Long Awaited Track Loyal by Odezsa

Long Awaited Track “Loyal” by Odezsa Finally Sees Studio Release

This week electronic duo Odezsa dropped their latest single “Loyal.” A crowd favorite among fans, this is the first studio version of “Loyal” the group has released. Before this, it was only a track that listeners could catch at live shows, since the duo debuted the track in 2015. The song is loud and bold, and long awaited for anyone who loves the duo.

Odezsa is an electronic group consisting of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. The two began making music in college at Western Washington University, and have been creating electronic hits ever since. Most know them from their extremely popular track “Say My Name” featuring Zyra. Their newest track “Loyal” doesn’t disappoint with the similar high energy of “Say My Name.”

The track begins with a horn sounding in the distance only to be interrupted by an intense snare fill. The instrumentation is extremely reminiscent of a marching band as the track takes shape. The song quickly takes this marching band idea and mixes it with hardcore trap influences. The breakdown of the track is intriguing with a bold horn melody.

This horn melody gets expanded upon with a heavy drop adding to the high energy nature of the song. The song continues with melodic arpeggios in the background, making the track easy to follow along to, and adding another layer of instrumentation into the song. The end of the track sees the flawless combo of choppy vocal hits thrown into the mix.

This track is one that has grown and developed with the group. In a recent interview, the duo talked about how the song has really “grown and changed” with them over the years. With it being a fan favorite, the group couldn’t wait to finally release a studio version of the track. For fans and newbies alike, “Loyal” is a hardcore electronic high energy track that anyone can enjoy.

Check out the new song HERE:

Featured Image: Instagram (@Odezsa)

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