Mike Posner Releases Song About You

Mike Posner Releases New Breakup Song, “Song About You”

Mike Posner is testing the limits of music genres with the release of his newest single, “Song About You.” The groovy break-up song illustrates the tricky feelings that come with a fresh breakup, while keeping the music fun and unique.

Looking at the title of the song, one would expect it to be a love song, written about someone in Posner’s life. However, dropped throughout the song is the line, “I don’t wanna write no song about you / But you show up in everything that I do,” giving the single its name and turning it into a song about heartbreak.

The lyrics take the listener on a journey through the stages of a breakup. The first verse sings “Since you’ve been gone, ain’t got nothin’ to do / I sleep until noon, I wake up and feel bad / I think I miss somethin’ I never had” and the bridge tugs at the heart strings with, “We broke up, but you be on my mind still / And the worst type of sadness you could have / Is when you miss somethin’ that doesn’t miss you back.”

Heartbreak is something we can all relate to on some level, and Posner takes it and morphs it into something catchy, and almost fun. The retro vibe pulls the attention away from the emotional lyrics and gives the single a unique, yet still pop, sound.

Posner has been all over the place musically, launching his career with 2010’s “Cooler Than Me,” acting as one-half of the band Mansionz, and experimenting with his music since. “Song About You” is another step in his career as a musician, and will definitely give listeners a new style to look into.

If you’re going through a breakup but are tired of listening to emotional ballads, “Song About You” might be just what you need. Eliminate the piano and add some Posner synth, and you might start to feel better.

Featured Image: Instagram (@MikePosner)

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