Kesha Releases Empowering New Track Here Comes the Change

Kesha Releases Powerful New Track “Here Comes The Change”

This week, Kesha released her newest track “Here Comes The Change.” The song, written for the new feature film On the Basis of Sex is filled with power and hope. The film itself tells the story of supreme court justice and women’s rights activist, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Coming off of tracks like “Praying” and “Woman,” this song is fitting for Kesha, allowing her to continue writing powerful tracks surrounding women’s activism.

On her most recent album, Kesha heavily pulls from her country roots. “Here Comes the Change” brings that same country vibe to the forefront. Starting with moving acoustic guitar, and developing with harmonica and folk harmonies, she blends together country elements with a moving pop vocal.

The song itself discusses the hope of change. The lyrics portray ideas of gender equality in the world, and comment on the hardships of coming to that point. On Instagram, Kesha explains lyrics in here comes the change. “I sing in ‘Here Comes The Change’: “We’re Coming of Age… This is Not a Phase… You know it’s time,” to send the message that this moment is our chance to pick up the baton and realize our destiny is in our hands.”  The track is a call to action, and once again shows the heart and talent of Kesha as a musician.

Along with the film, a powerful lyric video was created for the track. The video, created in collaboration with non-profit HeadCount, shows people of all backgrounds coming together to work as activists. The video wraps up with people registering to vote, showing the audience what they can do to become empowered and create the change the song discusses.

This new track from Kesha mixes together the power of her voice and message. It continues to encourage people to become empowered. It pushes the audience to think about the continuous fight for equality. The folky track blends together her pop and country influences, creating an anthem suitable for all. Check out the track and music video here!

Featured Image: Instagram (@iiswhoiis)

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