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Lauv and Julia Michaels Face Tension in “There’s No Way” Collab

With the songwriting skills of both Lauv and Julia Michaels, there is no question that a collaboration would get us in our feels. The duo released their new track, “There’s No Way,” which is a tale of love and emotions. Tackling confusion and complicated relationships, this collab is a back and forth confession of feelings.

Both artists have a unique style that blends cohesively on the track. The lyrics are relatable and provoke a rawness that many other current songs do not. Lauv sings, “You touch me and it’s almost like we knew that there will be history,” before Michaels joins in for the chorus. “But there’s no way that it’s not going there // With the way that we’re looking at each other.” As you can tell, the inspiration for the title is found in the chorus.

Overall, the story has you rooting for two people that you don’t even know. The desire to be with each other is clear, but sometimes it just cannot be that easy or realistic. Ouch.

Michaels and Lauv’s voices together is a prime bitter and sweet combo. Something interesting about the song is that, while one may think it is heading in a positive direction, it resolves that the two truly are not able to be together. “We just dance backwards into each other // Trying to keep our feelings secretly covered,” sings the duo.

If the song itself wasn’t enough, the video dropped for the song this week, too. The visuals only further prove that Michaels and Lauv have an extreme amount of chemistry. The tension is like a sparkler, burning bright and big, but then fizzling out as the two go their separate ways at the end.

Michaels is currently supporting Maroon 5 on tour, and Lauv is supporting Ed Sheeran on his. Check out the video for “There’s No Way” HERE: 

Featured Image: Kobalt Music Publishing

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