LANY Releases Dreamy Sophomore Album Malibu Nights

This week, LANY released their latest album, Malibu Nights. Coming off of an extensive tour, the group worked to churn out their sophomore work in only 45 days. The album brings a short, but sweet stack of dreamy synth-pop tracks, noting the hardships of relationships and heartbreak.

Only coming together in 2014, LANY has seen quick success with their low-key synth-pop vibes. The band consists of lead singer Paul Jason Klein, Jake Goss on drums and Les Priest on synths and backup. Together they combine the best of synth pop and classic instrumentation to their second project. This album is nothing short of vibey pop jams, reminiscent of artists like Troye Sivan and Halsey, both of which they’ve opened for in the past.

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The album opens up with “Thick and Thin,” a track with upbeat production and longing lyrics. Klein asks questions of ending relationships, opening up the album to grapple with these ideas. This first track sucks in the audience to this narrative of heartbreak, and leaves them hungry to continue listening.

The next track, “Taking Me Back,” includes a heightened use of drums, accentuating and filling out the track as a whole. Jumping to the middle of the album comes what could be the hit of the project, “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore.”The song continues to question the loss of a relationship and the wants that come along with that. Klein’s voice floats over the production seamlessly and blends together to encompass those dreamy bedroom pop vibes.

The album continues with themes of heartbreak and closes out with title track, Malibu Nights. Opening with soft piano and a single vocal from Klein, it takes a step back from LANY’s classic production. Although the track slowly builds in instrumentation, it doesn’t take away from the longing emotions of Klein’s voice and lyrics. This track brings together the raw talent of the group and strips it down to close off the album beautifully.

Malibu Nights comes together to tell a story of heartbreak and desire. The album gives off the need to keep going forward with the emotions that are still in our heads. This sophomore album shows off the versatility of LANY and brings us a piece of dreamy synth-pop essential to modern pop listening.

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