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Young Rising Sons Kick Off the If You’re Sad Tour in Brooklyn

New Jersey-based indie-pop group, Young Rising Sons kicked off their If You’re Sad tour on Wednesday October 10 at Elsewhere’s Zone One in Brooklyn. The three-piece found success back in 2014 with the release of their song, “High.” The band then toured with notable acts such as The 1975, Weezer, Bleachers and The Neighbourhood.

2018 has been an exciting year for Young Rising Sons, with the release of new singles such as “Whiskey,” “Noise,” and most recently, “Sad,” and “Scatterbrain.” They’re ending the year on a high note while headlining their own tour and getting to perform these new tracks for seven different cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Spirits were high on night one of the tour. Elsewhere’s intimate, basement-like, Zone One was packed with fans of all ages. Not bad for a Wednesday night! The vibe felt like an underground house show as fans jammed out to openers
Danni Bouchard and Saint Slumber while sipping beer under the low ceilings. Finally, the moment the room had been waiting for arrived, and Young Rising Sons stepped onto the stage.

Lights were low, and frontman Andy Tongren began the show wearing a mask resembling the smiley face worn on the cover of the “Sad”/ “Scatterbrain” artwork. The band broke out into popular track, “High,” as lights flashed different shades of blue and white.

Before slowing it down and playing “Carry On,” band members Julian Dimagiba and Steve Patrick, as well as the entire crowd, let out a laugh as Tongren announced that he had accidentally hit himself in the face with his guitar. He then got a cheer from the audience after saying, “We haven’t played a NYC Brooklyn show in about 2 years and that’s f*cked up.”

The highlight of the show was not their brand new hits “Sad” and “Scatterbrain,” or the release of their brand new track “Skeleton,” but it was their fun cover of the iconic “Allstar,” by Smashmouth. The band had the entire audience get into it while they yelled the iconic lyrics at the top of their longs.

YRS 10.10 (7 of 22).jpgSons closed with “F*cked Up,” and many audience members shouted “encore!” in hopes of the band returning for a few additional songs. Unfortunately, that was the end of the night. Sorry everyone, we guess you’ll just have to head to another leg of the tour!

Click here to buy tickets for the remainder of the If You’re Sad tour, and check out their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates. Fans should also give Sons Social Club a follow to keep up with all of the latest news, backstage content and chances to win meet & greets, merch and even invitations to sound checks!

Young Rising Sons have an undeniable chemistry and real raw talent that sounds identical to their recordings. One thing is for certain: they are definitely rising to the top and we can’t wait to see where their music takes them next.

Photos by Julia Remache (@roamingremache)