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Little Mix Releases New Single “Woman Like Me” Featuring Nicki Minaj

Little Mix recently released their latest single off of their upcoming fifth album LM5 called “Woman Like Me” featuring Nicki Minaj. This single has already made its way on to the charts, but will it be enough to break the UK superstars into the US music scene? Fans definitely hope so and are eager to hear what else the girls have in store!

This era is already off to a great start for the girl group, as the single has a feature from an artist they have been hoping to work with for years, Nicki Minaj.

“Wow. Is this really happening?! For the past 7 years in every interview when asked who we would most want to collaborate with we’ve always said Nicki 👑 it’s been a DREAM of ours and now here we are 😭 Everything happens for a reason ✨,” said the girls on Instagram after the release of their single.  “@nickiminaj we can’t thank you enough for all of your support for #WomanLikeMe 🌹 GIRL POWER at its finest. We love you ♥️.”


The lyrics to the new single are nothing short of girl power,  a phrase that the group has been advocating for years! The first verse of the song mentions strong women, women taking over, and being in power, while the next section they remind us that they aren’t perfect, but that doesn’t make them any less strong.

The song’s second verse deals with love and references power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z to get their point across. Minaj then brings in a fire verse, as she usually does. She keeps with the vibe of the song with lyrics like, “Greatest of all time, ’cause I’m a chameleon/ I switch it up for every era, I’m really bomb/These b*tches really wanna be Nicki, I’m really mom.”

Bringing out the reggae vibes, seasoned perfectly with sass and attitude, Little Mix did not disappoint with this one! Regardless of the single’s success fans worldwide are excited to see what this new Little Mix era brings.

Watch the lyric video for “Woman Like Me” below and let us know what you think in the comments or tweet us @soundigest!

Featured Image: Instagram (@LittleMix)

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